hledger-0.4: A ledger-compatible text-based accounting tool.Source codeContentsIndex
A TimeLog is a parsed timelog file (see timeclock.el or the command-line version) containing zero or more TimeLogEntrys. It can be converted to a RawLedger for querying.
entriesFromTimeLogEntries :: LocalTime -> [TimeLogEntry] -> [Entry]
entryFromTimeLogInOut :: TimeLogEntry -> TimeLogEntry -> Entry
entriesFromTimeLogEntries :: LocalTime -> [TimeLogEntry] -> [Entry]Source
Convert time log entries to ledger entries. When there is no clockout, add one with the provided current time. Sessions crossing midnight are split into days to give accurate per-day totals.
entryFromTimeLogInOut :: TimeLogEntry -> TimeLogEntry -> EntrySource
Convert a timelog clockin and clockout entry to an equivalent ledger entry, representing the time expenditure. Note this entry is not balanced, since we omit the "assets:time" transaction for simpler output.
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