A compound data type for efficiency. An 'Account' stores

- an 'AccountName',

- all 'Transaction's (postings plus ledger transaction info) in the
  account, excluding subaccounts

- a 'MixedAmount' representing the account balance, including subaccounts.


module Ledger.Account
import Ledger.Utils
import Ledger.Types
import Ledger.Amount

instance Show Account where
    show (Account a ts b) = printf "Account %s with %d txns and %s balance" a (length ts) (showMixedAmount b)

instance Eq Account where
    (==) (Account n1 t1 b1) (Account n2 t2 b2) = n1 == n2 && t1 == t2 && b1 == b2

nullacct = Account "" [] nullmixedamt