hledger-web- A web interface for the hledger accounting tool.

Safe HaskellNone



Common page components and rendering helpers. For global page layout, see Application.hs.



topbar :: ViewData -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Global toolbar/heading area.

sidebar :: ViewData -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

The sidebar used on most views.

searchform :: ViewData -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

] where u' = (dest, if null q then [] else [(q, pack q)]) style | dest == here = navlinkcurrent | otherwise = navlink :: Text


Search form for entering custom queries to filter journal data.

addform :: Text -> ViewData -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Add transaction form.

editform :: ViewData -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Edit journal form.

importform :: HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Import journal form.

helplink :: String -> String -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Link to a topic in the manual.

entriesReportAsHtml :: WebOpts -> ViewData -> EntriesReport -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Render an EntriesReport as html for the journal entries view.

journalTransactionsReportAsHtml :: WebOpts -> ViewData -> TransactionsReport -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Render a TransactionsReport as html for the formatted journal view.

registerChartHtml :: [TransactionsReportItem] -> HtmlUrl AppRouteSource

Generate javascript/html for a register balance line chart based on the provided TransactionsReportItems. registerChartHtml :: forall t (t1 :: * -> *) t2 t3 t4 t5. Data.Foldable.Foldable t1 => t1 (Transaction, t2, t3, t4, t5, MixedAmount) -> t -> Text.Blaze.Internal.HtmlM ()