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Preprocessing library hlogger-

    parse error on input ‘-- | This is a work in progress for a simple logging framework that aims to be
--   easy-to-use, concurrent and extendable through plug-ins. You cannot use
--   this module for logging directly, instead you want to use an HLogger
--   implementation. If you simply want to log messages to a file, consider
--   using the @SimpleLogger@ implementation. If you want a more complicated
--   logger, see below.
--   * Implementing a Customized Logger
--   If the loggers provided by the HLogger project (currently only
--   SimpleLogger) are insufficient for your application, implementing a custom
--   logging implementation on top of HLogger is simple. You can modify the
--   logger behaviour (how it logs), but not the logger's API (logging levels
--   and exported functions). Another limitation of HLogger implementations is
--   that they are immutable (operating in a static environment, cannot have
--   their state changed).
--   See the SimpleLogger module for an example on how an implementation can be
--   made.’
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