hly-0.14: Haskell LilyPond

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




ly_work :: Work -> StringSource

Translate Work to lilypond source code.

ly_music_elem :: Music -> StringSource

Translate Music element to lilypond source code.

 import Music.LilyPond.Light
 import Music.Theory.Duration.Name.Abbreviation
 ly_music_elem (Join [c4#q',e4#h]) == "c' 4. e' 2"

ly_process :: Lilypond a => FilePath -> Format -> String -> a -> IO ExitCodeSource

Notate Lilypond value, write to file, and run lilypond to generate output in Format.

ly_process_cwd :: Lilypond a => Format -> String -> a -> IO ExitCodeSource

Variant of ly_process using current working directory.