Changelog for hmatrix- ======= - odeSolve - Matrix arithmetic automatically replicates matrix with single row/column - latexFormat, dispcf ======= - fromRows/fromColumns now automatically expand vectors of dim 1 to match the common dimension. fromBlocks also replicates single row/column matrices. Previously all dimensions had to be exactly the same. - display utilities: dispf, disps, vecdisp - scalar - minimizeV, minimizeVD, using Vector instead of lists. ======= - runBenchmarks ======= - singularValues, fullSVD, thinSVD, compactSVD, leftSV, rightSV and complete interface to [d|z]gesdd. Algorithms based on the SVD of large matrices can now be significantly faster. - eigenvalues, eigenvaluesSH - linearSolveLS, rq ======= - ranksv ======= - buildVector/buildMatrix - removed NFData instances ======= - added randomVector, gaussianSample, uniformSample, meanCov - added rankSVD, nullspaceSVD - rank, nullspacePrec, and economy svd defined in terms of ranksvd. - economy svd now admits zero rank matrices and return a "degenerate rank 1" decomposition with zero singular value. - added NFData instances for Matrix and Vector. - liftVector, liftVector2 replaced by mapVector, zipVector.