2009 Apr 19

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(after the sqlite source code)


Construct rules with recipes and other actions in the IO monad.
Staleness of targets determined according to stat(2) system call, or
using user-defined comparison functions in the IO monad.

This module should be imported qualified.

> module Control.Hmk.IO where
> import Control.Hmk hiding (isStale)
> import Control.Monad (foldM)
> import System.FilePath
> import System.Posix.Files
> import System.Exit

Staleness check.

> isStale :: Cmp IO FilePath
> isStale x y = do
>   xe <- fileExist x
>   ye <- fileExist x
>   if not (xe && ye) then
>       return True else
>       do xstat <- getFileStatus x
>          ystat <- getFileStatus y
>          let xtime = modificationTime xstat
>              ytime = modificationTime ystat
>          return (xtime < ytime)

Project exit code to task result.

> testExitCode :: ExitCode -> IO Result
> testExitCode ExitSuccess = return TaskSuccess
> testExitCode (ExitFailure _) = return TaskFailure

Perform each system action, aborting if an action returns
non-zero exit code.

> abortOnError :: [IO Result] -> IO Result
> abortOnError = foldM f TaskSuccess where
>     f TaskSuccess k = k
>     f TaskFailure _ = error "Command exited with non-zero status."