{-# LANGUAGE GADTs, ScopedTypeVariables, FlexibleInstances, RankNTypes, TypeFamilies #-}

module Compiler.Hoopl.Util
  ( gUnitOO, gUnitOC, gUnitCO, gUnitCC
  , catGraphNodeOC, catGraphNodeOO
  , catNodeCOGraph, catNodeOOGraph
  , graphMapBlocks
  , blockMapNodes, blockMapNodes3
  , blockGraph
  , postorder_dfs, postorder_dfs_from, postorder_dfs_from_except
  , preorder_dfs, preorder_dfs_from_except
  , labelsDefined, labelsUsed, externalEntryLabels
  , LabelsPtr(..)

import Control.Monad

import Compiler.Hoopl.Collections
import Compiler.Hoopl.Graph
import Compiler.Hoopl.Label


gUnitOO :: block n O O -> Graph' block n O O
gUnitOC :: block n O C -> Graph' block n O C
gUnitCO :: block n C O -> Graph' block n C O
gUnitCC :: NonLocal (block n) => block n C C -> Graph' block n C C
gUnitOO b = GUnit b
gUnitOC b = GMany (JustO b) emptyBody  NothingO
gUnitCO b = GMany NothingO  emptyBody (JustO b)
gUnitCC b = GMany NothingO  (addBlock b emptyBody) NothingO

catGraphNodeOO ::            Graph n e O -> n O O -> Graph n e O
catGraphNodeOC :: NonLocal n => Graph n e O -> n O C -> Graph n e C
catNodeOOGraph ::            n O O -> Graph n O x -> Graph n O x
catNodeCOGraph :: NonLocal n => n C O -> Graph n O x -> Graph n C x

catGraphNodeOO GNil                     n = gUnitOO $ BMiddle n
catGraphNodeOO (GUnit b)                n = gUnitOO $ b `BCat` BMiddle n
catGraphNodeOO (GMany e body (JustO x)) n = GMany e body (JustO $ x `BHead` n)

catGraphNodeOC GNil                     n = gUnitOC $ BLast n
catGraphNodeOC (GUnit b)                n = gUnitOC $ addToLeft b $ BLast n
  where addToLeft :: Block n O O -> Block n O C -> Block n O C
        addToLeft (BMiddle m)    g = m `BTail` g
        addToLeft (b1 `BCat` b2) g = addToLeft b1 $ addToLeft b2 g
catGraphNodeOC (GMany e body (JustO x)) n = GMany e body' NothingO
  where body' = addBlock (x `BClosed` BLast n) body

catNodeOOGraph n GNil                     = gUnitOO $ BMiddle n
catNodeOOGraph n (GUnit b)                = gUnitOO $ BMiddle n `BCat` b
catNodeOOGraph n (GMany (JustO e) body x) = GMany (JustO $ n `BTail` e) body x

catNodeCOGraph n GNil                     = gUnitCO $ BFirst n
catNodeCOGraph n (GUnit b)                = gUnitCO $ addToRight (BFirst n) b
  where addToRight :: Block n C O -> Block n O O -> Block n C O
        addToRight g (BMiddle m)    = g `BHead` m
        addToRight g (b1 `BCat` b2) = addToRight (addToRight g b1) b2
catNodeCOGraph n (GMany (JustO e) body x) = GMany NothingO body' x
  where body' = addBlock (BFirst n `BClosed` e) body

blockGraph :: NonLocal n => Block n e x -> Graph n e x
blockGraph b@(BFirst  {}) = gUnitCO b
blockGraph b@(BMiddle {}) = gUnitOO b
blockGraph b@(BLast   {}) = gUnitOC b
blockGraph b@(BCat {})    = gUnitOO b
blockGraph b@(BHead {})   = gUnitCO b
blockGraph b@(BTail {})   = gUnitOC b
blockGraph b@(BClosed {}) = gUnitCC b

-- | Function 'graphMapBlocks' enables a change of representation of blocks,
-- nodes, or both.  It lifts a polymorphic block transform into a polymorphic
-- graph transform.  When the block representation stabilizes, a similar
-- function should be provided for blocks.
graphMapBlocks :: forall block n block' n' e x .
                  (forall e x . block n e x -> block' n' e x)
               -> (Graph' block n e x -> Graph' block' n' e x)

graphMapBlocks f = map
  where map :: Graph' block n e x -> Graph' block' n' e x
        map GNil = GNil
        map (GUnit b) = GUnit (f b)
        map (GMany e b x) = GMany (fmap f e) (mapMap f b) (fmap f x)

-- | Function 'blockMapNodes' enables a change of nodes in a block.
blockMapNodes3 :: ( n C O -> n' C O
                  , n O O -> n' O O
                  , n O C -> n' O C)
               -> Block n e x -> Block n' e x
blockMapNodes3 (f, _, _) (BFirst n)     = BFirst (f n)
blockMapNodes3 (_, m, _) (BMiddle n)    = BMiddle (m n)
blockMapNodes3 (_, _, l) (BLast n)      = BLast (l n)
blockMapNodes3 fs (BCat x y)            = BCat (blockMapNodes3 fs x) (blockMapNodes3 fs y)
blockMapNodes3 fs@(_, m, _) (BHead x n) = BHead (blockMapNodes3 fs x) (m n)
blockMapNodes3 fs@(_, m, _) (BTail n x) = BTail (m n) (blockMapNodes3 fs x)
blockMapNodes3 fs (BClosed x y)         = BClosed (blockMapNodes3 fs x) (blockMapNodes3 fs y)

blockMapNodes :: (forall e x. n e x -> n' e x)
              -> (Block n e x -> Block n' e x)
blockMapNodes f = blockMapNodes3 (f, f, f)


class LabelsPtr l where
  targetLabels :: l -> [Label]

instance NonLocal n => LabelsPtr (n e C) where
  targetLabels n = successors n

instance LabelsPtr Label where
  targetLabels l = [l]

instance LabelsPtr LabelSet where
  targetLabels = setElems

instance LabelsPtr l => LabelsPtr [l] where
  targetLabels = concatMap targetLabels

-- | Traversal: 'postorder_dfs' returns a list of blocks reachable
-- from the entry of enterable graph. The entry and exit are *not* included.
-- The list has the following property:
--	Say a "back reference" exists if one of a block's
--	control-flow successors precedes it in the output list
--	Then there are as few back references as possible
-- The output is suitable for use in
-- a forward dataflow problem.  For a backward problem, simply reverse
-- the list.  ('postorder_dfs' is sufficiently tricky to implement that
-- one doesn't want to try and maintain both forward and backward
-- versions.)

postorder_dfs :: NonLocal (block n) => Graph' block n O x -> [block n C C]
preorder_dfs  :: NonLocal (block n) => Graph' block n O x -> [block n C C]

-- | This is the most important traversal over this data structure.  It drops
-- unreachable code and puts blocks in an order that is good for solving forward
-- dataflow problems quickly.  The reverse order is good for solving backward
-- dataflow problems quickly.  The forward order is also reasonably good for
-- emitting instructions, except that it will not usually exploit Forrest
-- Baskett's trick of eliminating the unconditional branch from a loop.  For
-- that you would need a more serious analysis, probably based on dominators, to
-- identify loop headers.
-- The ubiquity of 'postorder_dfs' is one reason for the ubiquity of the 'LGraph'
-- representation, when for most purposes the plain 'Graph' representation is
-- more mathematically elegant (but results in more complicated code).
-- Here's an easy way to go wrong!  Consider
-- @
--	A -> [B,C]
--	B -> D
--	C -> D
-- @
-- Then ordinary dfs would give [A,B,D,C] which has a back ref from C to D.
-- Better to get [A,B,C,D]

graphDfs :: (NonLocal (block n))
         => (LabelMap (block n C C) -> block n O C -> LabelSet -> [block n C C])
         -> (Graph' block n O x -> [block n C C])
graphDfs _     (GNil)    = []
graphDfs _     (GUnit{}) = []
graphDfs order (GMany (JustO entry) body _) = order body entry setEmpty

postorder_dfs = graphDfs postorder_dfs_from_except
preorder_dfs  = graphDfs preorder_dfs_from_except

postorder_dfs_from_except :: forall block e . (NonLocal block, LabelsPtr e)
                          => LabelMap (block C C) -> e -> LabelSet -> [block C C]
postorder_dfs_from_except blocks b visited =
 vchildren (get_children b) (\acc _visited -> acc) [] visited
   vnode :: block C C -> ([block C C] -> LabelSet -> a) -> [block C C] -> LabelSet -> a
   vnode block cont acc visited =
        if setMember id visited then
            cont acc visited
            let cont' acc visited = cont (block:acc) visited in
            vchildren (get_children block) cont' acc (setInsert id visited)
      where id = entryLabel block
   vchildren :: forall a. [block C C] -> ([block C C] -> LabelSet -> a) -> [block C C] -> LabelSet -> a
   vchildren bs cont acc visited = next bs acc visited
      where next children acc visited =
                case children of []     -> cont acc visited
                                 (b:bs) -> vnode b (next bs) acc visited
   get_children :: forall l. LabelsPtr l => l -> [block C C]
   get_children block = foldr add_id [] $ targetLabels block
   add_id id rst = case lookupFact id blocks of
                      Just b -> b : rst
                      Nothing -> rst

    :: (NonLocal block, LabelsPtr b) => LabelMap (block C C) -> b -> [block C C]
postorder_dfs_from blocks b = postorder_dfs_from_except blocks b setEmpty


data VM a = VM { unVM :: LabelSet -> (a, LabelSet) }
marked :: Label -> VM Bool
mark   :: Label -> VM ()
instance Monad VM where
  return a = VM $ \visited -> (a, visited)
  m >>= k  = VM $ \visited -> let (a, v') = unVM m visited in unVM (k a) v'
marked l = VM $ \v -> (setMember l v, v)
mark   l = VM $ \v -> ((), setInsert l v)

preorder_dfs_from_except :: forall block e . (NonLocal block, LabelsPtr e)
                         => LabelMap (block C C) -> e -> LabelSet -> [block C C]
preorder_dfs_from_except blocks b visited =
    (fst $ unVM (children (get_children b)) visited) []
  where children [] = return id
        children (b:bs) = liftM2 (.) (visit b) (children bs)
        visit :: block C C -> VM (HL (block C C))
        visit b = do already <- marked (entryLabel b)
                     if already then return id
                      else do mark (entryLabel b)
                              bs <- children $ get_children b
                              return $ b `cons` bs
        get_children :: forall l. LabelsPtr l => l -> [block C C]
        get_children block = foldr add_id [] $ targetLabels block
        add_id id rst = case lookupFact id blocks of
                          Just b -> b : rst
                          Nothing -> rst

type HL a = [a] -> [a] -- Hughes list (constant-time concatenation)
cons :: a -> HL a -> HL a
cons a as tail = a : as tail


labelsDefined :: forall block n e x . NonLocal (block n) => Graph' block n e x -> LabelSet
labelsDefined GNil      = setEmpty
labelsDefined (GUnit{}) = setEmpty
labelsDefined (GMany _ body x) = mapFoldWithKey addEntry (exitLabel x) body
  where addEntry :: forall a. ElemOf LabelSet -> a -> LabelSet -> LabelSet
        addEntry label _ labels = setInsert label labels
        exitLabel :: MaybeO x (block n C O) -> LabelSet
        exitLabel NothingO  = setEmpty
        exitLabel (JustO b) = setSingleton (entryLabel b)

labelsUsed :: forall block n e x. NonLocal (block n) => Graph' block n e x -> LabelSet
labelsUsed GNil      = setEmpty
labelsUsed (GUnit{}) = setEmpty
labelsUsed (GMany e body _) = mapFold addTargets (entryTargets e) body 
  where addTargets :: forall e. block n e C -> LabelSet -> LabelSet
        addTargets block labels = setInsertList (successors block) labels
        entryTargets :: MaybeO e (block n O C) -> LabelSet
        entryTargets NothingO = setEmpty
        entryTargets (JustO b) = addTargets b setEmpty

externalEntryLabels :: forall n .
                       NonLocal n => LabelMap (Block n C C) -> LabelSet
externalEntryLabels body = defined `setDifference` used
  where defined = labelsDefined g
        used = labelsUsed g
        g = GMany NothingO body NothingO