Changelog for hp2pretty-0.5

v0.5 2011-10-15 acceleration Vastly improved runtime performance thanks to 'floatshow' and 'attoparsec' for (respectively) printing and parsing floating point numbers. Source code statistics: 544 lines, 3275 words, 20061 chars. v0.4 2011-05-18 comparability Colours are stable across program runs (based on a hash of the label names). Command line flag to use the same scale for all input files (--uniform-scale=none|time|memory|both). Usage change: specify XX.hp file(s) on the command line, the output is to corresponding XX.svg files. Source code statistics: 543 lines, 3273 words, 20045 chars. v0.3 2010-11-02 special characters Fixes a bug where broken SVG was generated when label names contained XML-special characters. Source code statistics: 484 lines, 2888 words, 17261 chars. v0.2 2010-07-30 leaner and meaner Memory usage and speed have both been improved, in part by reading the entire file into a strict ByteString and making two parsing passes over it, where the first pass accumulates statistics and the second pass extracts the relevant data to arrays, thus avoid large intermediate data structures. Code abtraction has been improved, by separating the SVG code into its own module and providing a Graphics interface, so that later a PostScript implementation can be added more easily. Source code statistics: 475 lines, 2854 words, 17007 chars. v0.1 2010-07-28 first release The result of a few days hacking, hp2pretty is born. Source code statistics: 397 lines, 2406 words, 14212 chars.