Changelog for hpath-0.11.0

0.11.0 * Many API breaking changes * Remove RelC and Fn, because they complicate API/break semantics (see #29) * Redo 'parseAny' * Unexpose HPath.Internal * Don't preserve trailing path separators (if you need to pass something to a C function that way, do it manually) * Added `rooPath`, `isRootPath`, `getAllComponents`, `getAllComponentsAfterRoot` 0.10.2 * Add `parseAny` and the related QuasiQuoter 0.10.1 * Add quasi quoters for hpath 0.10.0 * split packages, this one now just contains the type-safe Path wrappers 0.9.2 * fix build with ghc-7.6 * raise required bytestring version * Tighten base bound to prevent building before GHC 7.6 (by George Wilson) 0.9.1 * fix build with ghc-7.8 and 7.10 0.9.0 * don't force "Path Abs" anymore in IO module, abstract more over Path types * add 'toAbs' 0.8.1 * add 'readFile', 'readFileEOF', 'writeFile' and 'appendFile' 0.8.0 * 'copyDirRecursiveOverwrite', 'copyFileOverwrite', 'easyCopyOverwrite' and 'moveFileOverwrite' have been removed, instead use the versions without the *Overwrite suffix and pass in 'Strict' (for default behavior) or 'Overwrite' as the CopyMode argument * introduced a new 'RecursiveErrorMode' type to allow controlling recursive behavior of 'copyDirRecursive' (use 'FailEarly' for default behavior) * 'createRegularFile' and 'createDir' now take FileMode as a parameter (also see 'newFilePerms' and 'newDirPerms') * various documentation fixes * improved reliability of tests 0.7.5: * relicense to BSD3 0.7.3: * don't expose HPath.Internal 0.7.2: * fix tests, so they work with the sdist tarball too * added the following function to HPath.IO: createSymlink 0.7.1: * various cleanups and documentation improvements * added the following functions to System.Posix.FilePath: splitSearchPath, getSearchPath, stripExtension, makeRelative, makeValid 0.7.0: * use 'sendfile' from 'simple-sendfile' in _copyFile and do read/write as a fallback only * add isFileName, hasParentDir, hiddenFile to System.Posix.FilePath * add our own openFd version for more control * small documentation improvements * add a getDirectoryContents' version that works on Fd * lift version constraints in benchmark * remove fpToString and userStringToFP, use Data.ByteString.UTF8 directly instead 0.6.0: * fixes 'throwDestinationInSource' to be more reliable. * removes some unused HPathIOException constructors * consistently provide exception constructor identifiers * be less harsh when non-supported file types get passed to our functions, possibly ignoring them * minor cleanups 0.5.9: * Adds our posix-paths fork and a lot of IO operations. 0.5.8: * First version of the fork. 0.5.7: * Fix haddock problem. 0.5.6: * Reject only .. and . 0.5.5: * Use filepath's isValid function for additional sanity checks 0.5.4: * Disable parsing of path consisting only of "." * Add NFData instance for Path * Some typo/docs improvements * Add standard headers to modules 0.5.3: * Added conversion functions. 0.2.0: * Rename parentAbs to simply parent. * Add dirname. 0.3.0: * Removed Generic instance. 0.4.0: * Implemented stricter parsing, disabling use of "..". * Made stripDir generic over MonadThrow 0.5.0: * Fix stripDir p p /= Nothing bug. 0.5.2: * Removed unused DeriveGeneric.