hs-fltk-0.2.5: Binding to GUI library FLTK




data Browser Source

The type for Browsers, which is a subtype of Widget.

class Browser_C a whereSource

Class for Browsers.


_browser :: a -> Ptr BrowserSource

add :: Browser_C c => c -> String -> IO ()Source

Add a new row to the browser.

insert :: Browser_C c => c -> Int -> String -> IO ()Source

Insert a new row at the specified position. Indeces start at 1.

clear :: Browser_C c => c -> IO ()Source

Delete all rows from the browser.

topline :: Browser_C c => c -> Int -> IO ()Source

columnWidths :: Browser_C b => Attr b [Int]Source

Column-separator character. The default is '\t'.

Format character. The default is '@'.

Column widths as pixels.

move :: Browser_C c => c -> Int -> Int -> IO ()Source

Move a row in the browser.

remove :: Browser_C c => c -> Int -> IO ()Source

Remove a row in the browser.

size :: Browser_C c => c -> IO IntSource

Return the number of rows in the browser.

newBrowser :: Int -> Int -> Int -> Int -> [Prop Browser] -> IO BrowserSource

Create a new browser.