hsc3-0.14: Haskell SuperCollider

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Core non-type variant constructors.


Instrument definition commands

d_recv :: Synthdef -> MessageSource

Install a bytecode instrument definition. (Asynchronous)

d_load :: String -> MessageSource

Load an instrument definition from a named file. (Asynchronous)

d_loadDir :: String -> MessageSource

Load a directory of instrument definitions files. (Asynchronous)

d_free :: [String] -> MessageSource

Remove definition once all nodes using it have ended.

Plugin commands

cmd :: String -> [Datum] -> MessageSource

Send a plugin command.

Server operation commands

clearSched :: MessageSource

Remove all bundles from the scheduling queue.

dumpOSC :: PrintLevel -> MessageSource

Select printing of incoming Open Sound Control messages.

notify :: Bool -> MessageSource

Select reception of notification messages. (Asynchronous)

quit :: MessageSource

Stop synthesis server.

status :: MessageSource

Request /status.reply message.

errorMode :: ErrorScope -> ErrorMode -> MessageSource

Set error posting scope and mode.

Modify existing message to include completion message

async_cmds :: [String]Source

List of asynchronous server commands.

isAsync :: Message -> BoolSource

True if Message is an asynchronous Message.

 map isAsync [b_close 0,n_set1 0 "0" 0] == [True,False]

withCM :: OSC o => Message -> o -> MessageSource

Add a completion message (or bundle, the name is misleading) to an existing asynchronous command.

 let {m = n_set1 0 "0" 0
     ;m' = encodeMessage m}
 in withCM (b_close 0) m == Message "/b_close" [Int 0,Blob m']