hsc3-0.14: Haskell SuperCollider

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Transformations over Graph structure.


Lift constants

constant_to_control :: NodeId -> Node -> (NodeId, Node)Source

Transform NodeC to NodeK, id for other Node types.

 constant_to_control 8 (NodeC 0 0.1) == (NodeK 8 KR "k_8" 0.1 K_KR,9)

c_lift_from_port :: Graph -> NodeId -> FromPort -> (NodeId, Either FromPort Node)Source

If the FromPort is a constant generate a control Node, else retain FromPort.

c_lift_inputs :: Graph -> NodeId -> [FromPort] -> (NodeId, [FromPort], [Node])Source

Lift a set of NodeU inputs from constants to controls. The result triple gives the incremented NodeId, the transformed FromPort list, and the list of newly minted control Nodes.