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Unique identifier class for use by non-deterministic (noise) and non-sharable (demand) unit generators.



class (Functor m, Applicative m, MonadIO m) => UId m whereSource

A class indicating a monad that will generate a sequence of unique integer identifiers.


(Transport t, Functor io, Applicative io, MonadIO io) => UId (ReaderT t io) 

type Fn1 a b = a -> bSource

Unary function.

type Fn2 a b c = a -> b -> cSource

Binary function.

type Fn3 a b c d = a -> b -> c -> dSource

Ternary function.

type Fn4 a b c d e = a -> b -> c -> d -> eSource

Quaternary function.

liftUId :: UId m => (Int -> Fn1 a b) -> Fn1 a (m b)Source

Unary UId lift.

liftUId2 :: UId m => (Int -> Fn2 a b c) -> Fn2 a b (m c)Source

Binary UId lift.

liftUId3 :: UId m => (Int -> Fn3 a b c d) -> Fn3 a b c (m d)Source

Ternary UId lift.

liftUId4 :: UId m => (Int -> Fn4 a b c d e) -> Fn4 a b c d (m e)Source

Quaternary UId lift.