hsc3-0.6: Haskell SuperCollider



Functions to generate break point data for standard envelope types.



env :: [UGen] -> [UGen] -> [EnvCurve] -> UGen -> UGen -> [UGen]Source

Basic envelope data constructor.

envCoord :: [(UGen, UGen)] -> UGen -> UGen -> EnvCurve -> [UGen]Source

Co-ordinate based static envelope generator.

envTrapezoid :: UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> [UGen]Source

Trapezoidal envelope generator. The arguments are: 1. shape determines the sustain time as a proportion of dur, zero is a triangular envelope, one a rectangular envelope; 2. skew determines the attack/decay ratio, zero is an immediate attack and a slow decay, one a slow attack and an immediate decay; 3. duration in seconds; 4. amplitude as linear gain.

envPerc :: UGen -> UGen -> [UGen]Source

Percussive envelope, with attack, release, level and curve inputs.

envTriangle :: UGen -> UGen -> [UGen]Source

Triangular envelope, with duration and level inputs.

envSine :: UGen -> UGen -> [UGen]Source

Sine envelope, with duration and level inputs.

envLinen :: UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> UGen -> [EnvCurve] -> [UGen]Source

Linear envelope parameter constructor.