module Sound.SC3 (-- $help
                  module Sound.SC3.Server
                 ,module Sound.SC3.UGen) where

import Sound.SC3.Server
import Sound.SC3.UGen

-- $help
-- Once the hsc3 library has been installed, you will find help files
-- installed in @$PREFIX\/share\/hsc3-VERSION\/Help\/@.
-- For installation and configuration information please consult the
-- tutorial file at @Help\/tutorial.lhs@.
-- For general information on supercollider and the overall design of
-- the hsc3 bindings, see @Help\/
-- For documentation and examples for unit generators, see
-- @Help\/UGen\/@.  Note that the Haddock documentation for many unit
-- generators is incomplete; see the appropriate file in
-- @Help\/UGen\/@ for complete documentation.