hsc3-db-0.14: Haskell SuperCollider Unit Generator Database

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Renaming functions for UGen descriptions.



rename_input :: String -> StringSource

Rename parameters that conflict with Haskell keywords or Prelude functions, or which have otherwise unwieldy names.

 map rename_input ["in","id"] == ["input","id_"]

rename_ugen :: String -> StringSource

Rename unit generators that conflict with Haskell keywords or Prelude functions.

 map rename_ugen ["In","Out"] == ["in'","out"]

ci_eq :: String -> String -> BoolSource

Case insensitive string ==.

rename_eq_input :: U -> I -> StringSource

If the input name is the same as the ugen name, rename the input.

u_rename_db :: [U] -> U -> USource

Variant that renames inputs to avoid name coliisions with UGens.