hscd-0.0.3: Command line client and library for SoundCloud.com

MaintainerSebastián Ramírez Magrí <sebasmagri@gmail.com>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



The Network.SoundCloud module provides functions and types to access the soundcloud.com public API.

Resource Modules

The library is composed by a set of modules implementing datatypes and functions for the resources available through the API. Namely,

Every resource module defines at least a JSON record and the getJSON and decodeJSON functions.

Base Modules

The base modules provide values and functions that are to be used by the rest of the modules in the library. The base modules are,

API Documentation

Documentation of the SoundCloud's API can be found at http://developers.soundcloud.com/docs/



scSimpleGet :: String -> IO (Maybe String)Source

Issue a GET HTTP request to the passed URL returning Nothing if a response code different than 2XX is found.

scRecursiveGet :: String -> IO (Maybe String)Source

Issue a GET HTTP request to the passed URL recursing over redirections

scFetch :: String -> String -> IO ()Source

Given an URL as a first parameter, and a path as a second, issue a GET request to the URL and save the response body to a file at path.

scResolve :: String -> IO StringSource

Get the API url of a resource given its public URL. In example, for a public URL like:


It returns the API URL:


scResourceType :: String -> StringSource

Given an arbitrary resource URL, returns the type of the resource.

The response can be one of:

  • track
  • user
  • set
  • group
  • comment
  • app
  • nothing

scResourceShowInfo :: String -> IO ()Source

Show information about the resource pointed by the given API URL

scShowInfo :: String -> IO ()Source

Show information about a resource given its public URL