Changelog for hsignal- first version updated to reflect hmatrix added Numeric.Signal.Multichannel added Numeric.Signal.EEG fixed stack overflow in loadBDF by making [Double] -> Vector Double step strict updated to reflect change from using hstatistics to hmatrix-gsl-stats added detrend/filter/slice to Multichannel changed mapConcurrently argument order changed getChannels to return array added mapArrayConcurrently improved performance of BDF readData changed BDF to store data as Floats, not Double fixed mapConcurrently to wait for all threads fixed Signal.detrend window sizes fixed Signal.detrend mathematics fixed broadband_filter to call the correct filter (Numeric.Signal) fixed signal-aux.c filter scaling error fixed hilbert changed Multichannel.fromList to createMultichannel to avoid name conflicts changed Multichannel read/write type signature to reflect hmatrix change removed haskell98 dependency added resample/resize/deriv removed attempt to compare against sampling of histPDF (requires random number calls -> seed/IO) added Multichannel.toMatrix fixed scale in pwelch reflected changes in hmatrix exports changes to reflect new hmatrix interface changes to reflect new hmatrix interface hmatrix release 0.1.3: Add Float versions of some functions change base to >= 4 remove unicode symbols updated to reflect change in mtl > 2 renamed unwrap to unwrap_double added unwrap_float renamed vector_deriv to vector_diff_double added vector_diff_float cleaned up mi_phase generate H(X;X) for reference value added instances to store complex values Multichannel must now be [Complex] Float/Double Multichannel Double is now stored to greater accuracy breaks file compatability - can be loaded as Multichannel Float added histograms to Multichannel added Filterable instance for Complex Float added Noise.hs: pinkNoise, spatialNoise, powerNoise fixed bug in detrend that occurs if a zero window occurs at end 0.2.2: added entropy_phase fixed unwrap 0.2.3: added cross covariance and friends added cross spectrum added cum_sum copied Config.hs from hmatrix updated for ghc 7.2 0.2.4: move to github fixed .cabal repository line removed Warning about Foreign CInt switch to System.IO.Unsafe.unsafePerformIO removed reference to '-fvector' in .cabal