Changelog for hsqml-

HsQML - Release History release- - 2014.11.29 * Added function to shutdown the Qt framework. * Fixed intermittent crash on exit under Linux. * Fixed reanimated objects being passed to QML as undefined. * Fixed typo in the names of implicit property signals. release- - 2014.11.13 * Added OpenGL canvas support. * Added weak references and object finalisers. * Added FactoryPool abstraction. * Added To-only custom marshallers. * Added Ignored type. * Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'text'. release- - 2014.07.31 * Fixed crash when storing Haskell objects in QML variants. * Fixed corrupted logging output caused by threading. release- - 2014.06.11 * Added properties with constant annotation. * Added runtime warning for users of the non-threaded RTS. * Added non-TH version of Setup.hs. * Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'transformers'. * Fixed premature garbage collection of QML objects. * Fixed intermittent crash on exit when firing signals. * Fixed crash when using Cmd-Q to exit on MacOS. release- - 2014.05.04 * Ported to Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2 * Added type-free mechanism for defining classes. * Added type-free mechanism for defining signal keys. * Added property signals. * Added marshallers for Bool, Maybe, and lists. * Added less polymorphic aliases for def functions. * Replaced Tagged with Proxy in public API. * Removed marshallers for URI and String. * New design for marshalling type-classes (again). * Generalised facility for user-defined Marshal instances. * Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'QuickCheck'. * Fixed GHCi on Windows with pre-7.8 GHC. release- - 2014.02.01 * Added mechanism to force enable GHCi workaround library. * Fixed reference name of extra GHCi library. release- - 2014.01.18 * Added support for Cabal 1.18 API. * Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'text'. release- - 2013.11.12 * Added check that MacOS uses primordial thread for event loop. * Fixed missing upper bound on Qt version constraint. release- - 2013.10.08 * Added support for firing QML signals. * Added dynamic object references. * Added MacOS support. * Added QuickCheck-based test suite. * Added envionment variable to control logging. * New design for marshalling type-classes. * New API for Engine management. * Relaxed Cabal dependency constraints. * Fixed linking problem on some Linux systems. * Fixed support for non-threaded RTS. * Fixed various object lifetime issues. * Fixed crash in property marshaller. * Fixed crash in logging code. release-0.1.1 - 2012.09.11 * Fix running test suite on Windows. release-0.1.0 - 2012.09.10 * Initial release.