hssqlppp-0.0.6: Sql parser and type checkerSource codeContentsIndex
Functions to convert sql asts to valid SQL source code. Includes a function - printSqlAnn - to output the annotations from a tree in comments in the outputted SQL source.
printSql :: StatementList -> String
printSqlAnn :: (Annotation -> String) -> StatementList -> String
printExpression :: Expression -> String
printSql :: StatementList -> StringSource
convert an ast back to valid SQL source, it's also almost human readable.
printSqlAnn :: (Annotation -> String) -> StatementList -> StringSource
convert the ast back to valid source, and convert any annotations to text using the function provided and interpolate the output of this function (inside comments) with the SQL source.
printExpression :: Expression -> StringSource
Testing function, pretty print an expression
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