hsx-jmacro-7.3.0: hsp+jmacro support

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This experimental module provides a monad transformer JMacroT and corresponding XMLGenerator instance which can be used to directly generate javascript which builds an XML/HTML DOM.

This is similar to the 'ToJExpr XMLToDOM' instance except that there is no intermediate XML type. The XMLGenerator instance directly generates the javascript needed to build the DOM.

This is intellectually fun. But it is not clear how it is valuable. That is why this module is marked as experimental.



newtype JMacroT m a Source

isomorphic to IdentityT, but used for generating javascript that generates XML/HTML




unJMacroT :: m a

evalJMacroT :: XMLGenT (JMacroT m) JExpr -> m JExprSource

unwrap the XMLGenT and JMacroT constructors

mapJMacroT :: (m a -> n b) -> JMacroT m a -> JMacroT n bSource

map a function over the inner monad

type JMacroM = JMacroT IdentitySource

an alias for 'JMacroT Identity'