Changelog for husky-0.3

2008-03-08 Markus Dittrich <> * 0.3 release * lots of bug fixes. In particular, operations with unary "-" now work properly (such as 3*-3) Added more unit tests and use quickcheck to test some of the unit conversion properties. * added unit conversion framework. Currently, husky "knows about" the basic temperature and length conversions. More to follow. * added basic help system 2008-02-22 Markus Dittrich <> * 0.2 release * added builtin trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. * reworked real exponential function in terms of glibc's pow() function. * added ability to list all defined variables via \v * improved unit test framework. 2008-02-18 Markus Dittrich <> * 0.1 release