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Common useful options

Version : $Id: XmlOptions.hs,v 1.1 20061109 20:27:42 hxml Exp $

inputOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]
relaxOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]
outputOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]
generalOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]
versionOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]
showOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]
selectOptions :: [String] -> [OptDescr (String, String)] -> [OptDescr (String, String)]
removeOptions :: [String] -> [OptDescr (String, String)] -> [OptDescr (String, String)]
optionIsSet :: String -> Attributes -> Bool
isTrueValue :: String -> Bool
inputOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]Source

commonly useful options for XML input

can be used for option definition with haskell getopt

defines options: a_trace, a_proxy, a_use_curl, a_do_not_use_curl, a_options_curl, a_encoding, a_issue_errors, a_do_not_issue_errors, a_parse_html, a_parse_by_mimetype, a_tagsoup a_issue_warnings, a_do_not_issue_warnings, a_parse_xml, a_validate, a_do_not_validate, a_canonicalize, a_do_not_canonicalize,

relaxOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]Source

available Relax NG validation options

defines options a_check_restrictions, a_validate_externalRef, a_validate_include, a_do_not_check_restrictions, a_do_not_validate_externalRef, a_do_not_validate_include

outputOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]Source

commonly useful options for XML output

defines options: a_indent, a_output_encoding, a_output_file, a_output_html

generalOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]Source

commonly useful options

defines options: a_verbose, a_help

versionOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]Source
defines a_version option
showOptions :: [OptDescr (String, String)]Source
debug output options
selectOptions :: [String] -> [OptDescr (String, String)] -> [OptDescr (String, String)]Source
select options from a predefined list of option desciptions
removeOptions :: [String] -> [OptDescr (String, String)] -> [OptDescr (String, String)]Source
optionIsSet :: String -> Attributes -> BoolSource

check whether an option is set

reads the value of an attribute, usually applied to a document root node, and checks if the value represents True. The following strings are interpreted as true: "1", "True", "true", "yes", "Yes".

isTrueValue :: String -> BoolSource

check whether a string represents True


 isTrueValue	= (`elem` ["1", "True", "true", "Yes", "yes"])
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