hxt-9.1.6: A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell.

MaintainerUwe Schmidt (uwe@fh-wedel.de)



Xml Parsec parser with pure filter interface



xread :: String -> XmlTreesSource

the inverse function to xshow, (for XML content).

the string parameter is parsed with the XML content parser. result is the list of trees or in case of an error a single element list with the error message as node. No entity or character subtitution is done here, but the XML parser can do this for the predefined XML or the char references for performance reasons

see also: parseXmlContent

parseXmlContent :: XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

the filter version of xread

parseXmlDTDPart :: String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

Parser for parts of a DTD

parseXmlEncodingSpec :: SimpleXParser XmlTree -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

try to parse a xml encoding spec.

  • 1.parameter encParse : the parser for the encoding decl
  • 2.parameter root : a document root
  • returns : the same tree, but with an additional attribute "encoding" in the root node in case of a valid encoding spec else the unchanged tree

parseXmlEntityValueAsAttrValue :: String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

Parser for entity substitution within attribute values

parseXmlEntityValueAsContent :: String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

Parser for general entites

parseXmlPart :: SimpleXParser XmlTrees -> String -> String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

general parser for parsing arbitray parts of a XML document

parseXmlText :: SimpleXParser XmlTrees -> XPState () -> String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

a more general version of parseXmlContent. The parser to be used and the context are extra parameter

parseNMToken :: String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

Parser for NMTOKENs

parseName :: String -> XmlTree -> XmlTreesSource

Parser for XML names