hxt-expat-9.1.1: Expat parser for HXT

MaintainerUwe Schmidt (uwe@fh-wedel.de)



Interface for Expat XML Parser



withExpat :: Bool -> SysConfigSource

The system config option to enable the expat parser

Here is an example, how to use it:

 import Text.HXT.XML.Core
 import Text.HXT.XML.Expat

 readDocument [ withExpat True ] "some-file.xml"

reads the given document and parses it with the expat parser. There is no validation enabled. The parameter to withExpat determines, whether parsing is done strict. Here strict parsing is enabled. When strict parsing is used, the parse is immediately checked for parser errors, and possible errors are issued. When set to non-strict parsing, error checking is delayed and may be done later with the issueExpatErr arrow.

When HTML parsing is enabled, the expat parser will be configured with the HTML enitity reference resolver, else only the predefined XML enitities will be substituted.

withoutExpat :: SysConfigSource

Turns off expat parsing. The build in HXT parsers will be used.

issueExpatErr :: IOStateArrow s b bSource

In case of lazy parsing check for possible errors