hxt-filter-8.4.0: A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell (Filter variant).



exports the core data types and some additional types and functions for compatibility with none arrow modules

Version : $Id: XmlTreeTypes.hs,v 1.6 20060509 15:30:43 hxml Exp $



mkNode :: node -> NTrees node -> NTree nodeSource

formatNTree :: (node -> String) -> NTree node -> StringSource

foldNTree :: (a -> [b] -> b) -> NTree a -> bSource

mapNTree :: (a -> b) -> NTree a -> NTree bSource

type XmlFilter = TFilter XNodeSource

A functions that takes a node and returns a list of nodes

type XmlSFilter = TSFilter XNodeSource

A function that takes a list of nodes and returns a list of nodes

type TagName = QNameSource

Tag name

type AttrName = QNameSource

Attribute name