hzk-2.1.0: Haskell client library for Apache Zookeeper

Copyright(C) 2013 Diego Souza
LicenseBSD-style (see the file LICENSE)
MaintainerDiego Souza <dsouza@c0d3.xxx>
Safe HaskellNone




Zookeeper client library






connect Source


:: String

The zookeeper endpoint to connect to. This is given as-is to the underlying C API. Briefly, host:port separated by comma. At the end, you may define an optional chroot, like the following: localhost:2181,localhost:2182/foobar

-> Timeout

The session timeout (milliseconds)

-> Maybe Watcher

The global watcher function. When notifications are triggered this function will be invoked

-> Maybe ClientID

The id of a previously established session that this client will be reconnecting to

-> Int

The number of stripes (distinct sub-pools) to maintain. The smallest acceptable value is 1.

-> NominalDiffTime

Amount of time for which an unused resource is kept open. The smallest acceptable value is 0.5 seconds.

The elapsed time before destroying a resource may be a little longer than requested, as the reaper thread wakes at 1-second intervals.

-> Int

Maximum number of resources to keep open per stripe. The smallest acceptable value is 1.

Requests for resources will block if this limit is reached on a single stripe, even if other stripes have idle resources available.

-> IO (Pool Zookeeper) 

Connects to the zookeeper cluster. This function may throw an exception if a valid zookeeper handle could not be created.

The connection is terminated right before this function returns.