idiii-0.1.2: Reading and writing of ID3v2 tags



This module provides parsers for Header.




parseHeader :: TagParser ID3HeaderSource

Parses id3v2 Header

parseFooter :: TagParser ID3HeaderSource

ID3v2 FOOTER (optional)

To speed up the process of locating an ID3v2 tag when searching from the end of a file, a footer can be added to the tag. It is REQUIRED to add a footer to an appended tag, i.e. a tag located after all audio data. The footer is a copy of the header, but with a different identifier.

     ID3v2 identifier           "3DI"
     ID3v2 version              $04 00
     ID3v2 flags                %abcd0000
     ID3v2 size             4 * %0xxxxxxx