idris-0.9.12: Functional Programming Language with Dependent Types

Safe HaskellNone



Wrapper around Markdown library



type Docstring = DocSource

Representation of Idris's inline documentation

parseDocstring :: Text -> DocSource

Construct a docstring from a Text that contains Markdown-formatted docs

renderDocstring :: Docstring -> Doc OutputAnnotationSource

Convert a docstring to be shown by the pretty-printer

emptyDocstring :: DocstringSource

The empty docstring

nullDocstring :: Docstring -> BoolSource

Check whether a docstring is emtpy

noDocs :: (Docstring, [(Name, Docstring)])Source

Empty documentation for a definition

overview :: Docstring -> DocstringSource

Construct a docstring consisting of the first block-level element of the argument docstring, for use in summaries.

containsText :: Text -> Docstring -> BoolSource

Does a string occur in the docstring?