Changelog for ihaskell-hvega-

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Bump the maximum version of hvega.

The module now exports the VegaLiteLab type (provided by Alexey Kuleshevich (lehins). This type is used to support display in Jupyter Lab as well as notebooks, and is a somewhat experimental feature.

The module now builds without warnings on GHC 8.8.1.

This release has been marked as compatible with version 0.4 of hvega, but care should be taken as it is possible to create visualizations that either do not display correctly, or do not display at all: these are visualizations that take advantages of Vega-Lite functionality not supported by the Javascript display code (presumably because of our use of an old Vega-Lite mimetype version in IHaskell; this will hopefuly be addressed once a version of IHaskell is released with support for custom mimetypes).

Updated the upper bounds of ihaskell to allow version 0.10.

Updated the supported hvega range to include version 0.3.

Added the vlShow helper to allow Vega-Lite visualizations to be viewed directly in Jupyter lab (rather than Jupyter notebook).

Try it out in Tweag's jupyterWith environment.

The only change is to the cabal file, where cabal-version: >=1.10 has been changed to cabal-version: 1.18. I honestly don't know what the minimum-supported version actually is (the version bump is to match that used by hvega.

Updated the upper bounds of aeson to really allow v1.4. This was not released on Hackage.

The source code has been moved to the src sub-directory to match the layout used by hvega.

Several incorrect links in the cabal file have been fixed (as my GitHub user name is not actually githubuser).

The cabal package now includes stack.yaml and default.nix (although the latter is not guaranteed to be correct), as well as a change log.

Since ihaskell is now in Stackage, the LTS version has been updated to reflect this (to LTS 11.19), and the extra dependency removed.

This is the initial version of ihaskell-hvega, and is released with hvega version