ihttp-0.2.1: Incremental HTTP iteratee

MaintainerErtugrul Soeylemez <es@ertes.de>




Enumeratees and other tools.


Parser tools

parseIter :: (Exception ex, Monad m) => Parser b -> (String -> ex) -> ByteString -> Iteratee a m bSource

Fully parse a string with the given parser. Throw an iteratee error with the given error constructor, if it fails.

parseFull :: forall a. Parser a -> ByteString -> Either String aSource

Fully parse a string with the given parser.

Iteratee tools

iterFinally :: Monad m => Iteratee a m b -> Iteratee a m c -> Iteratee a m bSource

Runs the first computation and then the second, even if the first one throws an exception. Iteratee version of finally.

iterTry :: MonadIO m => IO b -> Iteratee a m bSource

Try the given IO computation and turn IO exceptions into iteratee exceptions (Error).

Printing tools

showMethod :: HttpMethod -> ByteStringSource

Turn a method into its corresponding HTTP string.

showVersion :: HttpVersion -> ByteStringSource

Turn an HTTP version into its corresponding HTTP string.

Character tools

asciiToUpper :: Char -> CharSource

Fast ASCII version of toUpper.