imagemagick-0.0.2: bindings to imagemagick library

Safe HaskellNone




clearPixelIterator :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO ()Source

ClearPixelIterator() clear resources associated with a PixelIterator.

clonePixelIterator :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO (Ptr PixelIterator)Source

ClonePixelIterator() makes an exact copy of the specified iterator.

destroyPixelIterator :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO (Ptr PixelIterator)Source

DestroyPixelIterator() deallocates resources associated with a PixelIterator.

isPixelIterator :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO MagickBooleanTypeSource

IsPixelIterator() returns MagickTrue if the iterator is verified as a pixel iterator.

newPixelRegionIterator :: Ptr MagickWand -> CSize -> CSize -> CSize -> CSize -> IO (Ptr PixelIterator)Source

NewPixelRegionIterator() returns a new pixel iterator.

pixelClearIteratorException :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO MagickBooleanTypeSource

PixelClearIteratorException() clear any exceptions associated with the iterator.

pixelGetIteratorException :: Ptr PixelIterator -> Ptr ExceptionType -> IO CStringSource

PixelGetIteratorException() returns the severity, reason, and description of any error that occurs when using other methods in this API.

pixelGetIteratorExceptionType :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO ExceptionTypeSource

PixelGetIteratorExceptionType() the exception type associated with the iterator. If no exception has occurred, UndefinedExceptionType is returned.

pixelGetCurrentIteratorRow :: Ptr PixelIterator -> CSize -> Ptr (Ptr PixelWand)Source

PixelGetCurrentIteratorRow() returns the current row as an array of pixel wands from the pixel iterator.

pixelGetIteratorRow :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO ()Source

PixelGetIteratorRow() returns the current pixel iterator row.



:: Ptr PixelIterator


-> Ptr CSize

number of pixel wands

-> IO (Ptr (Ptr PixelWand)) 

PixelGetNextIteratorRow() returns the next row as an array of pixel wands from the pixel iterator.

pixelResetIterator :: Ptr PixelIterator -> IO ()Source

PixelResetIterator() resets the pixel iterator. Use it in conjunction with PixelGetNextIteratorRow() to iterate over all the pixels in a pixel container.