imm- Retrieve RSS/Atom feeds and write one mail per new item in a maildir.

Safe HaskellNone




class FeedParser m whereSource


showType :: Feed -> StringSource

Provide a String representation of the feed type.

parse :: MonadError ImmError m => String -> m FeedSource

Monad-agnostic version of parseFeedString

download :: (Decoder m, MonadBase IO m, MonadError ImmError m) => URI -> m ImmFeedSource

Retrieve, decode and parse the given resource as a feed.

check :: (FeedParser m, DatabaseReader m, MonadBase IO m, MonadError ImmError m) => ImmFeed -> m ()Source

Count the list of unread items for given feed.

markAsRead :: (MonadBase IO m, MonadError ImmError m, DatabaseWriter m) => URI -> m ()Source

Simply set the last check time to now.

markAsUnread :: (MonadBase IO m, MonadError ImmError m, DatabaseState m) => URI -> m ()Source

Simply remove the state file.

showStatus :: (DatabaseReader m, MonadBase IO m) => URI -> m StringSource

Return a String describing the last update for a given feed.

getItemContent :: Item -> StringSource

This function is missing from Query, probably because it is difficult to define where the content is located in a generic way for AtomRSS 1.xRSS 2.x feeds.