index-core-1.0.1: Indexed Types

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This module provides the core (:->) type operator, which links the world of indexed types and the world of unindexed types.

You can use this type operator with the following extension:

 {-# LANGUAGE TypeOperators #-}

Sometimes you may also need the Rank2Types extension.


Index-Preserving Functions

(:->) defines an indexed Category. This Category permits almost mechanical translations of ordinary types to indexed types where you selectively replace certain (->) arrows with (:->) arrows.

Index-preserving functions share the same composition (.) and identity (id) as ordinary functions. If (:->) were a distinct type instead of a synonym, you would define:

 instance Category (:->) where
     id x = x            -- the same definition for the (->) Category
     (f . g) x = f (g x) -- the same definition for the (->) Category

Fortunately, that's not necessary since it will correctly use the Category instance for (->).

type :-> a b = forall i. a i -> b iSource

An index-preserving function from a to b