irc-0.4.3: A small library for parsing IRC messages.




Parsec parsers and a general parsing interface for IRC messages


Parsing and Formatting Functions



:: String

Message string

-> Maybe Message

Parsed message

Parse a String into a Message.

Parsec Combinators for Parsing IRC messages

prefix :: CharParser st PrefixSource

Parse a Prefix

serverPrefix :: CharParser st PrefixSource

Parse a Server prefix

nicknamePrefix :: CharParser st PrefixSource

Parse a NickName prefix

command :: CharParser st CommandSource

Parse a command. Either a string of capital letters, or 3 digits.

parameter :: CharParser st ParameterSource

Parse a command parameter.

message :: CharParser st MessageSource

Parse a Message

crlf :: CharParser st ()Source

Parse a cr lf

spaces :: CharParser st ()Source

Consume only spaces tabs or the bell character

Other Parser Combinators

tokenize :: CharParser st a -> CharParser st aSource

Convert a parser that consumes all space after it

takeUntil :: String -> CharParser st StringSource

Take all tokens until one character from a given string is found

Deprecated Functions

parseMessage :: String -> Maybe MessageSource

The deprecated version of decode