isobmff- A parser and generator for the ISO-14496-12/14 base media file format

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The chunks into which samples are grouped, can vary in size, as can the samples within a chunk. This compact table contains the info to find the chunk and offset within of a sample.



type SampleToChunk = FullBox SampleToChunkTable 0 Source #

An alias for the box content type.

type StscEntry = U32 "first_chunk" :+ (U32 "samples_per_chunk" :+ U32 "sample_description_index") Source #

Define an entry of the compact table. An entry represents a group of chunks of the same size and the same SampleDescription. The first_chunk is an index of the first chunk in a sequence of chunks correspondiing to an entry. The very first entry has an index of 1.

sampleToChunk :: [StscEntry] -> Box SampleToChunk Source #

Create a hint media header data box.