Changelog for iterIO-0.2.2

Added the Codec type and runCodec, runCodecC functions. Fixed multiParse to avoid buffering when second 'Iter' fails Added inumTee function * Changes in release 0.2 Updated to compile with HsOpenSSL 0.10.1, which has incompatible sslSocket function. A few bugs were fixed, including one in ctlCons, and another in HTTP cookie parsing. The HTTPReq type is now parameterized by session state. mkInumC (and mkInum, mkInumP) no longer consider a null codec result to terminate the 'Inum' unless the input is at an EOF condition. This allows inums to propagate mempty Chunks inwards, which could conceivably be useful for situations in which inumNull lets an Iter call liftIO to unblock an enclosing Onum.