java-bridge-0.20130606.3: Bindings to the JNI and a high level interface generator.

Safe HaskellNone




Functions for generating glue code between Haskell and Java.


Create Haskell glue code from Java definitions

Reflect Java classes

reflectJavaClasses :: [String] -> Java [JavaClass]Source

Retrieve information about the given Java classes from the Java Virtual Machine.

findJavaClasses :: Word32 -> [String] -> Java [String]Source

Find all classes that the given classes depend on.

In order to provide proper bindings for a class, bindings for all classes which a class depends on need to exist too. A class depends on all classes which it inherits from or which are used as arguments, return types, or parameters.

This functions returns all the class names of the classes on which the given classes depend on. No duplicates are reported and the resulting list is sorted.

A priori known information about Java

javaClassesSE6 :: [String]Source

The names of all Java Classes part of Java SE 6.