jinquantities-0.1.1: Unit conversion and manipulation library.

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Holds the default definition string.



defaultDefString :: String Source #

View the source code for this declaration to see what units and prefixes are defined by default.

This string holds the definitions for units and prefixes. Base units are defined by the name of the unit, the name of the base in brackets, and any aliases for the unit after that, all separated by equal signs: meter = [length] = m. Prefixes are defined by placing a dash after all identifiers, and providing a value for the prefix: milli- = 1e-3 = m-. Other units are defined by using previously defined units in an expression: minute = 60 * second = min.

The reason these definitions aren't placed in a text file is so you don't have to operate your whole program in the IO monad. Users can copy this file into their source and modify definitions, or simply add a few definitions to the end of this string.

These definitions are taken almost verbatim from the Pint unit conversion library for the Python programming language. Check them out on GitHub.