keter- Web application deployment manager, focusing on Haskell web frameworks

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type Port = IntSource

A port for an individual app to listen on.

type Host = StringSource

A virtual host we want to serve content from.

data PortManager Source

An abstract type which can accept commands and sends them to a background nginx thread.


data Settings Source

Controls execution of the nginx thread. Follows the settings type pattern. See:

portRange :: Settings -> [Port]Source

Which ports to assign to apps. Default: 4000-4999


getPort :: PortManager -> KIO (Either SomeException Port)Source

Gets an unassigned port number.

releasePort :: PortManager -> Port -> KIO ()Source

Inform the nginx thread that the given port number is no longer being used, and may be reused by a new process. Note that recycling puts the new ports at the end of the queue (FIFO), so that if an application holds onto the port longer than expected, there should be no issues.

addEntry :: PortManager -> Host -> PortEntry -> KIO ()Source

Add a new entry to the configuration for the given hostname and reload nginx. Will overwrite any existing configuration for the given host. The second point is important: it is how we achieve zero downtime transitions between an old and new version of an app.

removeEntry :: PortManager -> Host -> KIO ()Source

Remove an entry from the configuration and reload nginx.


start :: Settings -> KIO (Either SomeException PortManager)Source

Start running a separate thread which will accept commands and modify Nginx's behavior accordingly.