laborantin-hs- an experiment management framework

Safe HaskellNone




type EnvIO = StateT DynEnv IOSource

Default monad for defaultBackend. EnvIO carries a DynEnv in a state and allows you to perform IO actions.

runEnvIO :: EnvIO a -> IO (a, DynEnv)Source

Execute an EnvIO action in IO.

defaultBackend :: Backend EnvIOSource

Default backend for the EnvIO monad. This backend uses the filesystem as storage and UUIDs for scenario instances (supposes that UUID collision cannot happen).

Parameters, logfiles, and result data all are stored in a unique directory named .<scenario-name>uuid

Results are individual files in this directory. There is no namespacing hence avoid the following names: 'execution.json', 'execution-log.txt', and 'execution-log.xml'. These three files are the scenario execution metadata and logs.

defaultResult :: Execution m -> String -> Result EnvIOSource

Default result handler for the EnvIO monad (see defaultBackend).

defaultLog :: Execution m -> LogHandler EnvIOSource

Default logger for the EnvIO monad (see defaultBackend).