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Laborantin is a framework and DSL to run and manage results from scientific experiments. Good targets for Laborantin are experiments that you can run offline such as benchmark and batch analytics.

Writing experiments with Laborantin has at least two advantages over rolling your own scripts. First, Laborantin standardizes the workflow of your experimentations. There is one way to describe what a project can do, what experiments were already run, how to delete files corresponding to a specific experiment, etc. Second, Laborantin builds on years of experience running experiments. Using Laborantin should alleviate common pain points such as querying for experiments, managing dependencies between results, etc.

Laborantin's DSL lets you express experiment parameters, setup, teardown, and recovery hooks in a systematic way. In addition, the DSL lets you express dependencies on your experiments so that you can run prior experiments or data analyses.

Laborantin comes with a default backend that stores experiment results in a filesystem-hierarchy. Laborantin also comes with a default command-line that let you specify which experiments to run, analyze, or delete.

 ping :: ScenarioDescription EnvIO
 ping = scenario "ping" $ do
   describe "ping to a remote server"
   parameter "destination" $ do
     describe "a destination server (host or ip)"
     values [str "", str ""]
   parameter "packet-size" $ do
     describe "packet size in bytes"
     values [num 50, num 1500]
   run $ do
     (StringParam srv) <- param "destination"
     (StringParam ps) <- param "packet-size"
     liftIO (executePingCommand srv ps) >>= writeResult "raw-result"
     where executePingCommand :: Text -> Rational -> IO (Text)
           executePingCommand host packetSize = ...

 main :: IO ()
 main = defaultMain [ping]


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