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Time compatibility layer
data ClockTime
getClockTime :: IO ClockTime
diffClockTimes :: ClockTime -> ClockTime -> TimeDiff
addToClockTime :: TimeDiff -> ClockTime -> ClockTime
timeDiffPretty :: TimeDiff -> String
module System.Time
data ClockTime Source
Wrapping ClockTime (which doesn't provide a Read instance!) seems easier than talking care of the serialization of UserStatus ourselves.
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getClockTime :: IO ClockTimeSource
Retrieve the current clocktime
diffClockTimes :: ClockTime -> ClockTime -> TimeDiffSource
Difference of two clock times
addToClockTime :: TimeDiff -> ClockTime -> ClockTimeSource
addToClockTime d t adds a time difference d and a -- clock time t to yield a new clock time.
timeDiffPretty :: TimeDiff -> StringSource

Pretty-print a TimeDiff. Both positive and negative Timediffs produce the same output.

14d 17h 8m 53s

module System.Time
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