module Graphics.LambdaCube.HardwareBuffer where

import Data.Word
import Foreign.Ptr

data Usage
    -- | Static buffer which the application rarely modifies once
    -- created. Modifying the contents of this buffer will involve a
    -- performance hit.
    -- | Indicates the application would like to modify this buffer
    -- with the CPU fairly often.  Buffers created with this flag will
    -- typically end up in AGP memory rather than video memory.
    -- | Indicates the application will never read the contents of the
    -- buffer back, it will only ever write data. Locking a buffer
    -- with this flag will ALWAYS return a pointer to new, blank
    -- memory rather than the memory associated with the contents of
    -- the buffer; this avoids DMA stalls because you can write to a
    -- new memory area while the previous one is being used.
    -- | Indicates that the application will be refilling the contents
    -- of the buffer regularly (not just updating, but generating the
    -- contents from scratch), and therefore does not mind if the
    -- contents of the buffer are lost somehow and need to be
    -- recreated. This allows and additional level of optimisation on
    -- the buffer.  This option only really makes sense when combined
    -- | Combination of HBU_STATIC and HBU_WRITE_ONLY
    -- | Combination of HBU_DYNAMIC and HBU_WRITE_ONLY. If you use
    -- this, strongly consider using
    -- HBU_DYNAMIC_WRITE_ONLY_DISCARDABLE instead if you update the
    -- entire contents of the buffer very regularly.
    -- | Combination of HBU_DYNAMIC, HBU_WRITE_ONLY and
    deriving (Eq,Ord)

-- | Locking options
data LockOptions
    -- | Normal mode, ie allows read/write and contents are preserved.
    -- | Discards the entire buffer while locking; this allows
    -- optimisation to be performed because synchronisation issues are
    -- relaxed. Only allowed on buffers created with the HBU_DYNAMIC
    -- flag.
    -- | Lock the buffer for reading only. Not allowed in buffers
    -- which are created with HBU_WRITE_ONLY.  Mandatory on static
    -- buffers, i.e. those created without the HBU_DYNAMIC flag.
    -- | As HBL_NORMAL, except the application guarantees not to
    -- overwrite any region of the buffer which has already been used
    -- in this frame, can allow some optimisation on some APIs.
    deriving (Eq,Ord)

class Ord a => HardwareBuffer a where
    lock                :: a -> Int -> Int -> LockOptions -> IO (Ptr Word8)
    unlock              :: a -> IO ()
    getSizeInBytes      :: a -> Int
    getUsage            :: a -> Usage
    isSystemMemory      :: a -> Bool
    hasShadowBuffer     :: a -> Bool
    isLocked            :: a -> IO Bool