ldif-0.0.12: The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) tools

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LDIF related operations



findRecordsByDN :: LDIF -> DN -> [LDIFRecord]Source

Find all Contents with given DN

findRecordByDN :: LDIFCache -> DN -> Maybe LDIFRecordSource

Find first Content with given DN

lookupAttr :: ByteString -> [AttrValue] -> Maybe ValueSource

Find fist Attribute within attributes pairs list

filterAttr :: ByteString -> [AttrValue] -> [AttrValue]Source

Filter Attribute Value list according Attribute name

isDummyRecord :: LDIFRecord -> BoolSource

Change record without any impact

isDNPrefixOf :: DN -> DN -> BoolSource

Check if the dn1 is prefix of dn2

ldif2ldifI :: LDIF -> LDIFSource

Make LDIF Values case-insensitive