liblastfm- Lastfm API interface

Safe HaskellNone



Lastfm event API

This module is intended to be imported qualified:

 import qualified Network.Lastfm.Event as Event



attend :: Request f (Event -> Status -> APIKey -> SessionKey -> Sign)Source

Set a user's attendance status for an event.

getAttendees :: Request f (Event -> APIKey -> Ready)Source

Get a list of attendees for an event.

Optional: page, limit

getInfo :: Request f (Event -> APIKey -> Ready)Source

Get the metadata for an event on Includes attendance and lineup information.

getShouts :: Request f (Event -> APIKey -> Ready)Source

Get shouts for this event. Also available as an rss feed.

Optional: page, limit

share :: Request f (Event -> Recipient -> APIKey -> SessionKey -> Sign)Source

Share an event with one or more users or other friends.

Optional: public, message