liblastfm- Lastfm API interface

Safe HaskellNone




Request sending and Response parsing


Sign Request

Signing is important part of every authentication requiring API request. Basically, every such request is appended with md5 footprint of its arguments as described at

newtype Secret Source

Application secret


Secret Text 

Get Response

class Supported f Source

Supported provides parsing for a chosen Format

JSON is parsed to aeson's Value, XML is to lazy ByteString (in other words, parsing XML is left to the user)

Associated Types

type Response f Source

lastfm :: Supported f => Request f Ready -> IO (Response f)Source

Send Request and parse the Response

lastfm_ :: Supported f => Request f Ready -> IO ()Source

Send Request without parsing the Response


lastfm' :: Supported f => (Proxy f -> ByteString -> ResponseHeaders -> a) -> R f -> IO aSource

Send R and parse Response with the supplied function

finalize :: Supported f => Request f Ready -> R fSource

Get R from Request