Changelog for liblawless-

2016-12-16 Evan Cofsky <> * Examples/ZFS/zpools.yaml: Rename from zpool.yaml. * liblawless.cabal: Uncomment ZFS example build. * Source/Yaml.hs: Import and export Generics here, too. * Examples/ZFS: Create Types, use optics, add Main.hs. * Source/Aeson.hs: Rename molude to lawless. * Tests/TestAeson.hs: Rename molude to lawless. * liblawless.cabal (0.14.0): Adding Networking library, clearing up NFC Text, focusing more on examples and tests. * Source/Text.hs: Clearer notion of NFC optics vs regular Lens optics. * Source/Networking.hs: Created this file to start composing various network libraries together.