libmpd-0.7.0: An MPD client library.

MaintainerJoachim Fasting <>



Extensions and shortcuts to the standard MPD command set.



updateId :: MonadMPD m => [Path] -> m IntegerSource

Like update, but returns the update job id.

toggle :: MonadMPD m => m ()Source

Toggles play/pause. Plays if stopped.

addMany :: MonadMPD m => PlaylistName -> [Path] -> m ()Source

Add a list of songs/folders to a playlist. Should be more efficient than running add many times.

listArtists :: MonadMPD m => m [Artist]Source

Delete a list of songs from a playlist. If there is a duplicate then no further songs will be deleted, so take care to avoid them (see prune for this).

List the artists in the database.

listAlbums :: MonadMPD m => Maybe Artist -> m [Album]Source

List the albums in the database, optionally matching a given artist.

listAlbum :: MonadMPD m => Artist -> Album -> m [Song]Source

List the songs in an album of some artist.

getPlaylist :: MonadMPD m => m [Song]Source

Retrieve the current playlist. Equivalent to playlistinfo Nothing.

volume :: MonadMPD m => Int -> m ()Source

Increase or decrease volume by a given percent, e.g. 'volume 10' will increase the volume by 10 percent, while 'volume (-10)' will decrease it by the same amount.